P.O. Box 682
Eureka, NV 89316
Tel: 775-237-6010

     The Department of Natural Resources was created in February, 1995. The Natural Resource Manager is generally qualified by education and experience to inventory, make plans for, and manage the County's natural resources. The duties of this position include: keeping the County Commission and the Natural Resources Advisory Commission informed and involved on all issues relating to public land and natural resources including water quantity and quality, air space and air quality, wild horses, wildlife, grazing allotments, mining, and recreation. The Resource Manager also makes recommendations to the Commissions regarding Environment Impact Statements, EA's, BLM Decisions, etc.

     The Resource Manager also attends State meetings and occasionally testifies in Washington DC. Views of Eureka CountyThe Department of Natural Resources administers and provides support to the Diamond Valley Weed Control District and the County Firewise Communities.

Jake Tibbitts, Natural Resources Manager
Eureka County Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 682
Eureka, NV 89316

Tel: 775-237-6010

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