Diamond Valley
Weed Control

We Need Your Help In Controlling and Eradicating Noxious Weeds in
Eureka County!

There are many potentially harmful weeds, but at this time, the weeds that pose an immediate threat to Eureka County belong to the sunflower family or mustard family.

There are many identifying features in each plant family. One easy way to identify both of these families is to look at the flower

The mustard family flower has four petals, four sepals, and 6 stamens. Also, even though the seed pods come in many shapes, they are always arranged in a radial pattern around the stem.
  • Hoary Cress (Short White Top)
  • Perennial Pepperweed (Tall White Top)
  • Both weeds have white flowers

  • The sunflower family flower is actually made up of many small flowers growing on a disc (like a sunflower). Often, the flowers are so small it is almost impossible to see. It is easier to look under the petal where you would expect to find the sepals. What you see is several rows of bracts, like an artichoke or bachelor button.
  • Thistles and Knapweeds belong to this family
  • These weeds have purple/pinkish flowers

  • Help, technical support, and reference material available at the Diamond Valley Weed Control District located at the information below.

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