Welcome to the Eureka County Clerk's Office
& Eureka County Treasurer's Office

he offices of the Eureka County Clerk and Treasurer are two separate constitutional offices that were established by the Nevada State Constitution. At one time these offices were two separate elected positions in Eureka County but the two offices were combined by the Nevada Legislature in the late 1890's and have been combined since that time. The elected official, serving as both the Clerk & Treasurer for Eureka County is elected by the voters of Eureka County for a four year term.

  • The Eureka County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Seventh Judicial District Court for Eureka County and maintains all Court records. The Seventh Judicial District is comprised of White Pine, Eureka and Lincoln Counties.
  • The Clerk's office performs Record Searches upon request.
  • The Eureka County Clerk's office accepts and files Fictitious Firm Names, accepts bonds and administers oaths to Notaries Public, issues Marriage Licenses, issues Certificates of Authority to Solemnize Marriages, and registers Bail Agents.
  • The Clerk is the Election Officer and Registrar of Voters for the county.
  • The Clerk's office is also the official record keeper for the Eureka County Board of Commissioners and the Board of Equalization.
  • The duties of the Eureka County Treasurer's office include billing, collecting and apportioning real property taxes and special assessments in Eureka County.
  • The Treasurer receipts and deposits all revenue received by Eureka County.
  • The Treasurer invests all available funds in short-term and intermediate-term fixed income instruments with the safety of principal as the primary objective. The County's portfolio is structured to remain sufficiently liquid to meet all county expenditures.

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