Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to vote?
You can register to vote at the Clerk's Office in Eureka, at the Crescent Valley Town Hall, or at the Beowawe's Office of Justice of the Peace. Pine Valley residents can register at the Bailey Ranch

If I change my address do I need to re-register to vote?
Yes. If you move within Eureka County simply contact the County Clerk's office and request a new voter registration application (237-5262 or P.O. Box 677 Eureka, NV 89316)

What if I change my name?
If you change your name due to marriage, divorce, etc. you will need to re-register to vote under your new name.

If I change my party affiliation should I re-register?
Yes. If you wish to change your party affiliation, you must re-register to vote.

What is Early Voting?
Early voting begins the Saturday 2 weeks before an election and is set up in the County Clerk's Office.

How do I request an absentee ballot?
If you are unable to vote in person or will be out of town on election day you may request an absentee ballot by completing an absentee request form or sending your request in writing the County Clerk's Office. P.O. Box 677, Eureka, NV 89316

How do I become an election/poll worker?
If you are interested in being an election worker please come into the County Clerk's Office and make application.

What if only one candidate files for a particular office?
If only one candidate files for a particular office, the office title and candidate name will be omitted from the primary election ballot and be placed only on the general election ballot.

What is Electioneering?
Electioneering is defined as campaigning for or against a candidate, ballot question or party by:
  • Posting signs in support of or opposition to a candidate, question or political party.
  • Distributing literature in support of or opposition to a candidate, question or political party.
  • Buying, selling, wearing or displaying any badge, button or other insignia which is designed or tends to aid or promote the success or defeat in an election.
  • Polling or otherwise soliciting from a voter information as to how the voter intends to vote or has voted.
  • Soliciting signatures for any kind of petition.

    Nevada law prohibits electioneering within 100 feet from the entrance to the building or structure in which a polling place is located.

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