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Forms for a Fictitious Firm Name.

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 602 every person doing business in Eureka County under an assumed name, that is in any way different from the legal name of each person who owns an interest in the business, or in the case of an artificial person its name as it appears in the records of the Secretary of State, must file a certificate containing the information required by NRS 602.020 with the County Clerk. A certificate filed with the County Clerk expires five (5) years after the date it is filed. A renewal certificate filed with the County Clerk expires after five (5) years. The fee for filing a fictitious firm renewal is the same as the original filing of $20.00. Forms may be downloaded or received at the Clerk Recorder's Office.


Fictitious Firm Name Form & Definitions

2022 Fictitious Firm Name Report

Note – Forms must be notarized. Please complete the form and mail the original form along with a $20.00 filing fee payment to:

    Eureka County Clerk Recorder
    P.O. Box 540
    Eureka, NV 89316


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