Eureka County Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations


The following rules and regulations are set up for the health, welfare, and safety of all patrons. They have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation and use of the pool facility. The primary purpose of the pool and these rules and regulations are to provide enjoyable recreation for the patrons of the Eureka County Swimming Pool. Failure to comply with any of the rules may be considered sufficient cause for immediate removal from the pool facility.

Section 1 - Management

The pool manager is responsible for the maintenance, order and cleanliness around the pool area. They will be in full charge of the pool at all times. They are responsible for supervision of their staff, and for the proper enforcement of the rules and regulations promulgated herein.

Section 2 - Enforcement of the Rules

Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the pool manager and other pool employees. Children and adults shall be expected to show them proper respect and cooperation at all times. The staff shall take such action as deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the pool facility. The manager shall have the authority to suspend pool privileges for any period up to one week. Patrons having grievances and complaints are requested to refer them in writing to the Facilities Director. Patrons who so desire, subject to the above procedures, may refer greivances for additional review to the Eureka County Board of Commissioners.

Section 3 - Pool Hours

The swimming season shall be year round. The hours of operation will depend on availability of lifegaurds.

Section 4 - Health

1. Swimmers are required to take showers before entering the pool.

2. Spitting, spouting of water, or blowing of nose in the pool are prohibited.

3. All injuries occuring on the premises must be reporetd immediately to the mangement. (Accident forms will be available at the pool.)

4. Enforcement of health rules shall be the responsiblity of the pool management. When necessary to call for medical advice, any charges incurred shall be paid for by the patron concerned.

5. Patrons with skin disease, communicable diseases, open lesions, colds, nasal or ear discharges, or wearing bandages will not be permitted to use the pool.

Section 5 - Safety

1. No running, pushing, acrobatics, wrestling, ball playing, or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool will be allowed.

2. No food or drink or glass containers of any type will be allowed in the pool enclosure.

3. No smoking will be permitted in rest rooms, pool area, or lobby.

4. No diving unles area is clear. Diving is only allowed in designated areas.

5. All persons must stay clear of the lifegaurd stations.

6. Children who cannot swim are not allowed unless accompanied by parents of person fifteen years of age or older that is responsible for the child.

7. "Children who cannot swim" means any child who cannot pass a swim test.

Section 6 - General

1. No pets will be allowed on the pool premises.

2. The presence of intoxicated persons anywhere on the premises shall be prohibited. Bringing of alcoholic beverages, (in any form) to the pool in strictly prohibited and is caue for removal from the pool.

3. The office telephone is to be used for official business and emergencies only.

4. The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsibility of the patron.

5. There shall be no loitering at the entrance.

6. Children four (4) years old and under must wear "swimpers" or equivalent swimwear.

Section 7 - Miscellaneous

These rules may be revised or additional rules established as considered necessary at any time by the Pool Manager, subject to review and approval by the Eureka County Commissioners. Situations arising which are not covered specifically by any rules or regulations herein will be handled at the discretion of the Manager or Lifegaurd in charge.

All patrons will honor and respect the pool equipment which has been provided for their enjoyment and comfort. Any person detected destroying or damaging said property will be held responsible for its repair or replacement in kind.