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Weed Control
Nevada Revised Statutes 555.202: "The Legislature declares that it is primarily the responsibility of each owner or occupier of land in this State to control weeds on his or her own land, but finds that in certain areas this responsibility can best be discharged through control by organized districts"

The purpose of the Weed District is to help with beneficial eradication of noxious weeds within the district. The Eureka County Board of Commissioners, through the authority granted in SB276, designated the ECD Board of Supervisors to become the Weed Control District Board of Directors in January 2016. While the budgeting for the Weed District falls under the Board of Commissioners, ECD has directed the work completed under the Weed District and continued partnerships with landowners to control noxious weeds. Many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours were devoted to weed control since ECD took the helm over the Weed District; mostly through contact spraying, herbicide distribution to landowners, and provided technical assistance. Recently, ECD entered into a new multi-year agreement with BLM.

Weed Board Members:

Vickie Buchanan, Chair
Jim Gallagher, Vice-Chair
Carl Olsen
Gary McCuin
Denise Moyle


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